what u no bout free public wi-fi?
look w eyeballs
testing signal
the dots
late night install
look w sleuthing tools
+ wirehsark oui lookup, google
u must change ur life? no, u must read teh budgets
fiber optic cable map
[haz] wi-fi?
amazing picsof carrier hotels by peter garritano
ingrid burrington
4 prez
mta, transit wireless, zebra communications, vcomm
big data, privacy, surveillance
municipal broadband, smart cities, public-private partnership, interconnect agreements, carrier neutral/neutral host
what makes it profitable for transit wireless to put up $200 million for this project?
what are the characteristics of this infrastructure?
what are its affordances/what affordances produce it?
what priorities does it represent?
what does it make of our bodies?
thanks surya mattu